Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Design a URL Fetching System Using Kohana PHP

Hello World!
I finally completed my first professional task at AfroVisioN Group today.

After spending close to four weeks at AfroVisioN, studying CodeIgniter and Kohana, I successfully design a simple blog with both frameworks by the end of my second week.
I was given a task to design a URL Fetching System during my third week.

Task: Design a URL Fetching System Using Kohana PHP

System Description
The user enters a URL, if it is a valid one:
  • The system uses regular expressions to get the title and description of the site,
  • Also the system gets all images from the HTML, resizes them to thumbnail and saves a copy on our server.
  • Finally, the system displays the title, description and images(thumbnail saved on our server)
Else if the URL is not a valid one:
  • The system redirects to the same page displaying a notice.
Problems I Encountered
At the beginning, I faced a lot of difficulties with regular expressions because it was my first time using it. With the help of my Boss (Churchill) and my colleague (Nara_l), I completed the task.
Thanks to Shloch (a colleague) am Comfortable using Linux(Ubuntu 10.0.4).
Not Forgetting Ebot Tabi, who made my way through jquery sweet.

Thanks for viewing...
Good Night.