Friday, January 13, 2012

Last year: 2011

2011 was a stressful and remarkable one for me. As an entrepreneur (Co-founder of Wasamundi) and tech geek I learned many new things and gain great satisfactions.

Feb 13, 2011 Wasamundi went public, a venue that helps you discover, share, rate, talk about and add pictures for your favorite businesses, products, services, people and places in Cameroon. Wasamundi literally means 'Search Earth' or 'Find the World' .... I use 'Mother Earth' for certain cases.
Nara Laurence and I work relentlessly to see this come true. We needed to help people find things in towns of Cameroon and Africa, but I would say "Wasamundi --- (Mother Earth) is a constantly changing idea" .

Some months later, Eta Palace Hotel found in Buea  and many other businesses started using their page on Wasamundi as their website as seen on Up Station Mountain Club with extremely long URLs (ctrl + f --- Eta Palace on this page). Couple with other reasons, WasaME the first Cameroonian URL Shortener was born on June 15, 2011. It aims to provide businesses on wasamundi with a Unique web ID which shall be better than a phone number and a customized website for all businesses in Cameroon. We shall experience the rolled out of the customize websites this year (2012).

With all this, we decided to divert into one of the reasons that made us start Wasamundi, this time Hamlet Tandi, Lafon Leslie , Shu Absalom, Teghen Victor and Hugues Leandre Tchassa joined Wasamundi on the quest, then WasaHOSTEL was rolled out to the public on November 13, 2011.

All along, we were concentrating on businesses, we decided to venture into the people part of Wasamundi and bridge that gap between users and businesses, online and offline etc This resulted to the birth of  the Transcript and WasaTEXTO on December 20, 2011.

The transcript brings all your activities on Wasamundi and its related apps to life.
You can now,
  • preview all your activities throughout Wasamundi's apps.
  • earn points for adding businesses and popular places (convertible to wasamundi credits)
  • see the latest happenings between people and businesses around you
  • and more...
You can access the Transcript at

 WasaTEXTO is a bulk SMS platform enabling you to reach your family, friends, customers and everyone else via SMS anywhere they are. If you have an account from any of Wasamundi's apps, then you can login and you can send SMS to over 200 countries worldwide She also has a restful API which may be used from any programming language or platform that enables http connections. This API enables developers to build their own platforms with a core based on WasaTEXTO. Developers in Cameroon and World wide can write to us at info or support [at] for their Api keys and test. In addition, SMS are sent by means of credits. One credit is equivalent to one SMS which costs 15FCFA. Wasamundi permits individuals to buy WasaTEXTO credits in bulk at a reduced rate and make profit out of resale of these credits.


  1. We thank God for 2011. We hope 2012, shall be an even bigger one fore Wasamundi.

  2. Thanks for the conclusion, I guest I forgot to :)