Saturday, January 14, 2012

Last year with PULSE: 2011

Hmm, apart from working with Wasamundi, I also work with Pulse as Product Engineer and other projects. To this effect, I had to work relentlessly in order to meet up and I spend less time for leisure.

Pulse is a web/mobile based online student platform aimed at connecting African universities, professors to their students. In order words, we trying to make African education look cool, Pulse will provide a platform where any University can own and operate its own high-end online students services at a low cost, without having to deploy any technical infrastructure, it will permit lecturers to communicate faster and cheaper with their students and lastly it will enable students to receive updates from their teachers and classmates through sms, web and email. We are building only for these category of universities and of course we taking into consideration the realities of African users, that means for us, that our platform will be centered around the mobile experience.Pulse is currently on beta and we plan to deploy and test Pulse this year in a University.

I hope this year would also be a successful one and I pray for more leisure time. Amen :)

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